PROTOTYPE your solution

You are now mid-way in The Innovation Curve. If you are new here, do check out Step 1 (Start a Business) blog post.


With the new insights, you have selected the best customer group. You might’ve made the best decision and have selected the right group or you are less lucky and now need to change your initial idea based on your learnings.

4 Innovation curve PROTOTYPE I want to have

Again, this is nothing to worry about. Most successful companies have created many failures before finding the right solution.


Step 4 – Prototype your solution


In this step, you will experience the great value of prototyping.

This is about creating the mindset of testing to learn and not thrive to build for perfection.

This is where many founders get confused. They try to perfect the idea rather than use a low-fidelity prototype to learn from their future customers.

4. Innovation Curve - prototype your solution

We will help you systematically work towards creating a solution your customers want. It could  be delivering a service, creating an application or building a product. You need to “build”, “measure” and “learn” to find the ideal solution.

Customer feedback will always help you move forward.  Trial and error will help you iterate and improve your solution. You can maximize your learning process by creating prototypes of your idea and test it with your targeted users.

In this section, you will find helpful tools and examples to guide you forward.


Journey dilemma   Action
What should my solution look like? 4.1
What’s most risky about by business? 4.2
How do I test my solution, spend little and learn a lot? 4.3
How do I measure and test? 4.4