You are at the starting point of your startup journey.
You found this great opportunity and want to build your business around it.
You are passionate about an issue and feel the need to solve the problem or wish to create change for the greater good.
Whatever the reasons are, it is time to bring the idea to the starting line.
Introducing the first Step of the Innovation Curve.

Step 1- START a business

If the trigger is big enough the drive for change will come.
It could be a long-time itch to follow your passion. It can be an opportunity that needs to be grabbed immediately. It could be a drive to build something lasting and larger than yourself.
Whatever the reason is, you need to create some degree of certainty and assurance that the idea is accepted.

A very effective way to get feedback on your first idea is to explain it to trusted friends and family.

If you can explain and convince your idea to others, you are on the right track. If you can are able to estimate the income you are able to generate, congratulations, you have passed your first hurdle.

Collecting the first feedback gives a basic understanding of the idea quality. 

However, the first feedback won’t always be positive. Good feedback will bring hurdles, obstacles and doubts. Listen well and learn, you will validate with experts in the  “TEST your idea” step.

Let go of your idea if the initial energy and passion are drained. A better idea will come.

In this phase, it’s key to formulate your idea and improve your narrative in a trusted environment and understand the market potential.

We use various models, tools and theories to answer the dilemmas below:

Journey dilemma  
How do I explain my Idea to others?
How big is my market? Can I earn money with this idea? Estimate the market size
How big is the risk I take?
Do I Solve a problem or over-focus on a solution?