Denis Oakley and Leander Westendorp founded Business Model Guru in 2016.  This was the start of a continuous search for the most practical tools, the most transparent flow and the way to learn fastest to start a business.

Denis Oakley
Leander Westendorp

Between us, we’ve got about 20 years of startup and tech experience and have a passion for analysing startup ideas and using that knowledge to build better startups.

Denis is from England and has an MBA whilst Leander is from Holland. After working closely in Malaysia we now conquer the globe in Asia and Europe.
Leander is entrepreneur, trainer and a startup accelerator trainer.


The Innovation Curve is his experiment. He helps startups in StartersClasses and 1:1 mentoring experimenting towards the ultimate incubator program for First Time Entrepreneurs.

What drives us:

While economy is growing the distribution of wealth is  increasingly unfair distributed. We see the number of startup incubators growing, yet they are accessible for the happy view only.

Entrepreneurship gives financial independence for the once that most needed. We are convinced that an accessible learning platform for all First Time Entrepreneurs created financial independence and recovers the balance.

This website is the central repository for the Innovation Curve as a thought

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