You have proven that your solution makes your customers happy; people are talking about it.

It is finally time to BUILD your company. Congratulations,  you had the discipline and patience to postpone this step for several weeks now.


For the past few weeks, you gathered many great achievements. You have identified the most suitable customer segment. You managed to sell your product and placed a price agreed by your customers.

It is time to use all the insights to design your business model and build your company.

The next question is How can we deliver this service?

6. Innovation Curve - Build a companyjpg

Journey dilemma   Action
I want to know how my business should look? Business Model Canvas
How do I brand my product? Develop your brand
How do I keep track of growth? Customer Factory,

Key Metrics & Webtools

How do I test the best sales channel to use Bull eye model
What skills do I need to grow Building your team