5. SELL 10x

In this step, you will find your customers and validate your business idea.

5 Innovation curve SELL 10x I want to have
It is about learning how to sell your product. Discover the best way and right moment to approach your customers. You will learn to experiment with sales channels and be able to calculate the return.

Understanding your market and optimizing sales effort is a never-ending activity.  Solving this riddle will create the foundation for your business. Do well and you will be able to BUILD your business.

We will help you build a disciplined way of testing and measuring your sales efforts. We will give you the tools that help you to see the progress.

Testing the market helps you move forward. With trial and error, you iterate and improve your sales efforts. You can maximize your learning by creating bitesize measurable actions. With examples, you will see how to test these in different ways and measure the effect.

In this section, you will find helpful tools and examples to guide you forward.

Journey dilemma   Action
How do I know what to offer to my customer when? Customer Journey mapping
How do I attract and sell to my customers best? Build a Sales Funnel
How do I know my sales efforts are successful? Monitor your Customer Factory Blueprint
How do I test the best sales channel to use? Apply the Bull Eye Model