We will be organising workshops mainly in The Hague, Rotterdam and Amsterdam (upon request).

Our trainers will break down valuable theories and proven examples into bite-sized modules. We will provide you with practical tools and materials that are able to guide you through each step to build your idea.

We have divided the Innovation Curve program into 2 sections:

Innovation curve Startes state of mind

The Kickstart your Business workshop, “Search & Learn” will focus on building your idea.

Kickstart your Business
Duration: 7 weeks (28 hours)
4 hours per session – weekly
No. of participants per session: 7 max
Price: €700/ per person


The Prototyping and Testing Workshop, “Search & Learn” will focus more on achieving tangible results on how your product or service would work.

Prototyping and Testing Workshop
Duration: 5 weeks (20 hours)
4 hours per sessionNo. of participants per session: 7 max
Price: €350/ per person

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