Accepting that uncertainty is at its largest at the beginning of your Starters Journey sounds obvious. But in practice we see first time entrepreneurs act differently.

We see starters spending a lot of their time and effort on perfecting their idea. We think this is a waste.

Leander spend slow.png

When uncertainty is high, it is likely that your guesses are incorrect.  Your idea may not be a completely fit your customer.

At the early stage of your startup keep the ideas rough. Shape just enough to test your assumptions.


Be ready to redo all you created. Accept to start over based on new insights.


Searching and learning is key at that beginning of your startup journey.


First you search….

At first you search for the right idea. A problem that needs fixing. A solution that brings value to your customers.

Leander Innovation Curve Learn fast spend slow

It might feel without direction. Take one step forward and a view steps back. Creating new insights and testing new solutions after you learned more about your customer. You are in a ‘build’ ‘measure’ and learn loop.

This stage might feel frustrating. It is important to keep you mind open.


At first many assumptions are made. They are all the things that need to be true for your idea to work. List them once you shaped your initial idea. When you have your list of assumptions, you need to identify what is important. What assumption has the biggest impact on your idea if untrue?

Learn fast

Make your assumptions explicit and test them. Tests reduce risks. Validating increases the chance of a successful Starters Journey.

In our course, we show you how to find your assumptions. How to experiment and maximize learning with spending little.


….then you build.

It is tempting to rent your office space or build a website on day one of your new venture. Having a company name, logo’s, promotion brochures does feel great.  But it’s the fasted way to spend your capital.

We believe that BUILDING your company starts when an urgent problem is found, the solution is tested and first customer payments are done.

SELECT your customers and learn their need. PROTOTYPE your solution and find your pathway to your customers (SELL 10x). Than you BUILD

Leander Innovation Curve

In the “Innovation Curve” Building starts after you have:

  • solved an urgent problem
  • found several paying customers
  • amazed them with the value you provide.
  • proven you have a profitable business

When this is done it is time to BUILD your company.  Until that time:

Focus on understanding your customers. Learn fast and spend slow


What we do with

We love startups. It is our mission to put your idea to action.

We make practical and useful tools available for First Time Entrepreneurs,  we want you to succeed by building your businesses faster, focused and with more confidence.

We provide:

  • 1:1 Mentoring
  • StartersClasses
  • Online courses

Contact us or follow this link if you want to know more…..



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