Want to turn your idea into a sustainable business?

First-time-entrepreneurs are passionate about their idea and assume they have the best solution. With all their enthusiasm, they start  ‘BUILDing a company’ from day one.

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We have experienced that it is important to first identify an urgent problem to solve, to focus on a clear and distinct market segment. To test the solution, to find the best way to sell and only at that moment focus on building a business.

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The core of this training series is what we call the Innovation Curve. It helps you understand the journey to make your idea happen.

The Inovation Curve

The Innovation Curve is able to guide you in:

✔  Identifying the phase you are currently at

✔ Visualizing your Startup journey and making it manageable

✔ Ensuring you have validated assumptions and gather insights for each step


With this framework, you will:

✔ Prioritise your actions

✔ Learn faster with practical tools

✔ Be more confident to prioritize actions

✔ Feel less overwhelmed

✔ Feel empowered and increase your chances of success


Work with us and you will validate and discover if:

↗  there is demand for your solution

↗  your solution meets the market’s needs

↗  you have a scalable way to acquire users

↗  you can generate enough revenue

During this journey, you will constantly be gathering insights that would guide you to take a step(s) back and re-evaluate your idea. You will revise your approach, prototype your solutions, improve your message and ensure the market’s needs are met.


HOW you can use this training:
We break down valuable theories and proven examples into bite-sized modules. We provide you practical tools and materials to guide you to start building your idea step by step. When working on the modules yourself, we host 1-on-1 conversations to guide you in specific challenges you may face.

Join our programs and find out where you are in the Innovation Curve and learn how you can proceed.

How we can work together:

  1. Join our PROGRAM(s) and work with other first-time entrepreneurs
  2. Do it yourself by following our blog
  3. Schedule 1:1 meetings/ calls to receive hands-on guidance

Book a call to get in touch

Let’s spend 30 minutes to see where you can benefit best.

Use this calendly-link to book a call directly in my agenda.

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